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The Book of the Hidden Name is the angel grimoire that will transform your understanding of the world around you forever. The most comprehensive information on the seventy-two hidden Shem HaMephorash angels, and how to access them, are contained in this tome. Unleash the ability of angelic might by acquiring the powerful secrets of magick that bring miracles into your life.
Through engagement with these entities, you will be empowered directly to affect your fate and alter your destiny. You will take countermeasures against attacks and learn how to perform better under pressure. It is by divine right that we may call upon angelic assistance, harnessing the spiritual beings’ power to achieve new heights of success and happiness. Anyone attempting to enlist forces on the path of enlightenment can achieve tremendous spiritual growth by invoking these angels.
This is a quintessential tome for any well-stocked mystical collection. There is nothing in publication that can directly compare. This system offers a focused look at ancient magickal rites and mysteries that elevate and illuminate the practice of all magicians, regardless of their skill level. The powerful operation within this book has been developed specifically for working within this magickal current and is being published here for the first time.
You will discover:
· An overview of each angel will be provided, along with a complete description of their abilities.
· Seventy-two high-resolution seals and sigils in unprecedented detail
· Core techniques and meditations for developing your practice
· Fully developed invocations and correspondences to establish a powerful connection with each angelic entity.
· Hundreds of detailed abilities to handle any task of reality engineering
· Magickal rites for drawing in and making use of tremendous power
· Full correspondence tables including Tarot and Astrology correspondences so you may adapt workings with these spirits to a variety of other systems.
· Guidance for selecting the correct angel to work with in order to achieve the results you desire.

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