Consignment Agreement

Sell your book at Bookish!

Terms and Conditions

REQUIREMENTS: Bookish charges a one-time, non-refundable stocking fee of $15.00 per title due at the beginning of the consignment period.  Books must have an ISBN and a spine with the Author’s name and book title.  Up to three (3) copies per book will be considered for the initial consignment period.  No walk-in requests or phone calls please.

PAYMENT:  Author will receive 60% of the sale proceeds and Bookish will receive 40% of the proceeds.  Payment to the author will be made by the 15th of each month after the first complete month of consignment.  

PRICING:  Prices for consigned books will be determined by Bookish based on the suggested retail price provided by the author.

MARKETING:  As part of this consignment agreement, you agree to list Bookish:  An Indie Shop For Folks Who Read as a retail location on your promotional material.  Bookish may elect to share social media provided by the author and may display any promotional material provided by the author.  

Book signings are the 3rd Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm.  These events may include multiple authors.  Email to check availability.

DURATION:  Initial consignment period is for 90 days.  After 90 days the author and Bookish may elect to extend the contract for subsequent periods of 90 days.  Bookish will contact the author at the end of the consignment period to pick up unsold books.  

DISCLOSURE:  Bookish will work to maintain the integrity of the books consigned and secure them during the consignment period.  Bookish is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to books consigned. 

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