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On War, Fishing and Philosophy is a reminder that serving under wartime circumstances as a young man both exaggerates and changes who he becomes. It not only frames author Joe Campolo, Jr.’s own experiences and reactions to the Vietnam War, it explores who he has become as an author, a veteran, a husband, and a father. The author shares not only his own views of war but those of other veterans and authors who were touched by those times in different ways.

But in this book, Joe Campolo, Jr. doesn’t write just about war, he goes on to celebrate “what happened next,” lifelong friendships, and family. Joe’s journey resembles the paths many Boomers traveled in the years that followed the turbulent 1960s and 70s. The reader will recognize life stories covering all the things that went right and a few that didn’t work out quite as expected. That so many of these tales revolve around fishing in some form or another makes the reader chuckle while shaking his or her head and going, ‘Oh, yeah! That’s like the time when…”

The reader will want to reach for a liquid refreshment before tackling the last section of this book. The greats — you know, Socrates and Dorothy Parker and Spiro Agnew and Albert Einstein and Vince Lombardi and Al Capone — and of course, Joe Campolo, Jr himself — will entertain, educate and tickle your fancy.
On War, Fishing & Philosophy is a colorful coffee table book that celebrates life — the good, the great, the wise and the fishy.

His other books include “The Kansas NCO,” “Back to the World,” and  “ Three Wars.”

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