Johnson, Brian David The first book of its kind, written by an acclaimed futurist, to help us not only envision what is possible in the next few months, years, decades, but to enact those plans and create the future we want Whether we want to or not, all of us think about the future constantly. These thoughts produce fear and anxiety that interfere with how we make decisions every day. We spend our days living in the past and the present with no understanding of how to get to that future we want so badly. That is, until now. Acclaimed futurist, Brian David Johnson has spent the last quarter century helping governments, Fortune 500 corporations, and other organizations chart successful paths forward by showing them what the world will look like 10 to 15 years down the line. With Future Casting, Johnson brings that prognosticator’s eye to the individual, helping readers from all walks of life discover their best selves by seeing the future, and their place within it, in a whole new light. Johnson’s method is highly scientific and practical. He shares a series of pragmatic steps that anyone can take to understand today and envision their tomorrow. The book will empower readers with the realization that, not only do they have control over their own future, they are the ones most responsible for its creation